11th Sunday of OT (B)
June 16, 2018
Living locally in a global village
June 16, 2018

Rerum Novarum and T&T’s Labour Movement

By Seminarian Paul Ramlogan, BEd, MSc Government

Unjust salaries, lack of job security, harsh and unsafe working conditions, and other unfair practices gave rise to the labour movement in Trinidad and Tobago and saw the emergence of leaders who awakened the consciousness of workers who had been suffering discrimination and exploitation. Remembrance of how it all began calls workers and employers in 2018 to a fresh initiative.

As we reflect we also recognise that Scripture is filled with the imagery of labour (Gen 2:19–20; 3:19). We see the task of Adam in naming the animals and later, because of sin, he is initiated into manual labour. This signalled a new epoch in which humankind will earn their food through sweating in the fields until we return to the earth.

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