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Tips to design your own landscape

Landscape architecture involves the design of a specific area to achieve social, environmental or aesthetic results. It adds value to properties, creates a serene environment and is very attractive to the eye. For business places, a detailed landscape can give the right first impression to clients.

We all want our homes to have an oasis feeling without having to go into debt. It is very simple to design and create your own landscape using these following tips:

Sketch a landscape plan– Professional landscapers will provide you with plans generated from computer programmes. You can achieve a similar effect by simply sketching this out. Using a large white sheet of paper, start by sketching your buildings and roads using simple shapes. This will give you a conceptual framework as to where in the property you desire to landscape.

Get to know your plant types and soil– Once you have drafted a sketch of the areas to be landscaped, determine if the soil in those areas are fit for plants. If not, you can purchase topsoil and manure to enhance the soil. If you are working with garden beds and troughs, ensure that they are filled with topsoil.

Next, visit your plant shop and get acquainted with the various types of plants that are sold. Palms, annuals, perennials, shrubs and vines add elegance to your landscape. Learn about the requirements of each type, whether they can be exposed to full sun or partial sun, their watering and fertilising needs. This will assist in their management and give you ideas of where to strategically place them in your landscape.

Add lawn– Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass and St Augustine grass are popular lawn grass varieties. You can purchase them in slabs from your plant shop; cut them into one-inch cubes and plant them into the designated area. With adequate watering and fertilising, you will have a complete grassed area in 8–12 weeks. For weed control, you can spray a pre-emergent weedicide. Consult your plant shop for more information on this.

Add features– Rocks, lawn tiles, large pots, ornaments and garden accessories.

Plant using different sizes and varieties– Before planting, “spot” out the different varieties of plants. Choose the colours, size, spacing and type of plant that you want in the designated area. Once you like the arrangement that you have chosen, feel free to plant them.

Add mulch and irrigation system– Mulch will complete your garden beds and assist in weed control in your landscape. You can also set up a simple irrigation system based on the size of your landscape, however, manual watering can do the trick. Remember to fertilise your plants. Prune them and be on the lookout for pest and diseases.

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