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May 26, 2018
The rain has gone… but what about the obstacles in our way?
May 26, 2018

Euphemistically speaking…

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We seem to be living in a time when we do not say what we mean, and we do not mean what we say. This is particularly so in the area of pro-abortion advocacy and provision, where some of the most unpalatable phenomena have been given rather lofty-sounding terms, sometimes in the attempt to make them more acceptable to “sensitive” minds, but more often to befuddle us and keep us unaware of what is really meant.

One example of this is in the terminology used by United Nations bodies. Despite the fact that there is NO international agreement on the right to abortion, the commissions and organisations keep calling on governments to provide sexual and reproductive health care and services (a term loosely used to mean abortion on demand), linking respect for women’s rights in this regard as indication of the country’s progress towards the empowerment of women and achievement of development goals.

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