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May 19, 2018
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May 19, 2018

Good ‘Children are a Gift’ sessions in ‘Bourg’, Arima

Parents in Arima engage in the "love" activity

One of the most precious and beautiful challenges in life is the privilege of being a parent. Parents are the principal educators of their children. They have an overwhelming influence on the mental and physical attributes of their child/ children and an unparalleled opportunity to help shape their lifelong well-being and happiness.

Given the importance of being a parent and the challenges associated with this important role, the Family Life Units of two parish clusters – in association with the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission (AFLC) through the generosity of Republic Bank Ltd – each hosted the AFLC’s ‘Children are a Gift’ (CAG) programme.

The Santa Cruz/Bourg Mulatresse/Maracas Bay Cluster hosted a session April 28 at Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe Parish Hall, while the Arima/Malabar Cluster held theirs May 5 at Santa Rosa House. Twenty-five parents of the First Communion candidates in Santa Cruz, and 20 parents of the Baptism candidates in Santa Rosa parish were exposed to various tools and concepts that can assist them in parenting.

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