Blessing God
May 4, 2018
Murti overtones of Marion Devotion
May 5, 2018

Working our way back to truth

We are living in a world where everything has changed and we have no sure footing. It’s postmodern, post Christian, post truth. This is particularly troubling for people whose business is Truth, a Truth that promises its adherent, freedom.

How are we to conduct our business in a post-truth world where the currency of communication is lies, equivocation and ambiguity? This is not an academic exercise, the quest for a way of serving Truth in a time of lies has deep and far-reaching implications for our relationships and for the comfort and ease of our being in the world.

In this dispensation, our reflex is to mistrust everything, authority figures in Church, State and any institution, even the family. We presume malintent before we even hear the story through, latching on to the hashtag, the tagline, the slogan and so escaping the responsibility of thought.

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