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April 27, 2018
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April 27, 2018

Have Mercy

There has been a change in attitude towards Venezuelans in Trinidad and Tobago. As their numbers increase with the economic crisis worsening in their homeland, xenophobia has reared its ugly head. In her 15 years in Trinidad, Venezuelan-born Andreina Briceno has never felt uneasy until now. Recently she experienced hostility with someone telling her “leave my country”. She said citizens were now “being rough” with Venezuelans.

As a member of the Santa Rosa Parish, she knows there are many “loving people”. Her wish is for nationals to realise they need to guard and help them. “I know a lot of Trinidadians help. It’s tough now, many don’t like Venezuelans anymore; we have to be careful where we going, how we talking, how we mingle…” she said in an interview last Tuesday.

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