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March 24, 2018
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Our youth, our nation, our assets

Trinidad and Tobago’s first female Olympian, sprinter Laura Pierre (left) holds the Queen’s Baton with former hammer thrower Candice Scott in Port of Spain on March 13, 2014. Source:

On a Friday afternoon on the cusp of sunset, I was greeted by the sweet music blaring from a nondescript location with a simple, painted sign ‘Laura’s Food Hut’. As I drove onto the compound, a vibrant, charming woman introduced herself to me as Laura. We quickly settled into our conversation as I had been trying to arrange a meeting for several months without success.

Laura Pierre, 62, spent 40 years living in the USA. She holds two Masters’ degrees in Education and Leadership, as well as Organisational Systems Renewal Consultancy. In 2012, she returned to Trinidad and held a key advisory position with the then Minister of Sport Dr Rupert Griffith.

She is sharp, witty and extremely grounded. Laura recalls her early childhood with her ten siblings, running around a makeshift track they had built behind their house. According to her mother Veronica Pierre, 87, and visiting from the US, “Laura made everything into a competition.”

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