The time is now to empower women
March 10, 2018
Abstinence isn’t a bad word
March 10, 2018

More in the mortar…?

by Vernon Khelawan

Before I begin this week’s column I want to make pellucidly clear that I belong to no political party. My interest as a patriot, because I was born and grew up here, is to ensure that the nation’s best interests are always paramount. Everybody, including parliamentarians, is expected to put the interests of the country first.

But when one looks at what is happening today there’s no alternative but to wonder about patriotism. Remember the phrase ‘morality in public affairs’ that was coined by PNM founder Dr Eric Williams some 60 years ago? Today it seems the phrase has become useless, no meaning. There is a total lack of morals, not only in politics, but in Carnival: our songs, our behaviour in many of the public offices in the country, our schools and even in our homes.

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