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March 10, 2018
Pest and disease control in your garden
March 10, 2018

Gameplay and playing games

There is a game that is played by some teens called Persona 5 (PS4, 2017 edition). I enjoy watching the gameplay, the soundtrack is excellent and the manga style of the game itself is appealing. It was just a game until I saw this tweet after the protests by young people in Florida following the murders of their schoolmates:

‘Katniss’ of course refers to the young protagonist of the Hunger Games series who quietly rebels against an overarching political system in the country Panem, which keeps 12 districts in states of poverty while people in the Capitol enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

The series falls under the genre of young adult dystopian novels, and there is a narrative thread which links all of them—a society that is corrupt, a system that punishes the ordinary people while a select few reap the rewards of control and material wealth, and finally, a teenager or group of teenagers who work toward overthrowing the system.

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