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March 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018

Fasting – a healthy battle with self

Is it a sin not to fast during Lent? Fr Matthew d’Hereaux doesn’t think so, but “a person who does not fast is missing an opportunity to grow in his or her spirituality. Fasting should be considered a blessing, something you do for God and for others to deepen your spirituality, to deepen your willpower. As you deepen, you are better able to fight a battle with sin, fight a battle with your own inclinations, your own excesses, [and] with your own waywardness.”

Satisfying one’s appetite is encouraged in the world so doing without can be a challenge. Fr d’Hereaux said “going without” can be seen as “deprivation” and because people have grown accustomed to excess, there is indiscipline and insensitivity toward those who, due to life circumstances, are deprived.

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