Calypso competition at Santa Cruz
February 17, 2018
A time and a season for everything
February 24, 2018

Become Ministers of mercy

Dominic Nelson (left) and Kervin Preudhomme help demonstrate the load on our back if there is unforgiveness as described by Rwandan priest Fr Ubald Rugirangoga. Photo: Jameel Boos

Archbishop Jason Gordon shared this view at the February 17 opening Mass of the seventh annual Divine Mercy Conference at the University Inn and Conference Centre, Circular Road, St Augustine. The day’s theme was Extreme Horror Requires Extreme Forgiveness – A Call to Forgiveness and Healing.

The archbishop lamented that most people believe the way of getting people to come to transformation is “rubbing their faces in every piece of foolishness they have done 24 hours a day,” but he said this is not so.

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