Lent – Our Compass to God
February 16, 2018
Standardised school forms are out
February 16, 2018

National threats and temptations

The recent threat to disrupt the Carnival and to throw the country into a subsequent state of panic and confusion has seen the arrest, according to one media report, of 13 persons. The authorities, in conjunction with American intelligence, say that they have succeeded in quashing the plans that were being hatched, although the public was warned that danger still lurked. The truth is that as long as men nurture evil intent, the threat to personal and public safety will exist in one form or another.

Lent allows us the time and urges us to use every opportunity to ponder the part that each of us plays in the fate of this nation of ours. We may not see ourselves as ‘terrorists’ and would recoil in horror if we were to be accused of hatching plots against the national interest.

We may not see that everyday actions and omissions can well have long-term, cumulative ill effects on our people and our country, even as we condemn those who deliberately set out to maim and murder and impose chaos on our land.

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