True permission to ‘wine’ after marriage
February 10, 2018
Engage ‘digital citizens’ differently
February 10, 2018

Anyting, someting, everyting…

I can’t tell you when wining became a national obsession.

At a media briefing on January 10, ASP Michael Jackman in response to a question about “tiefing a wine” at Carnival said, “Any physical touching where there is no consent with one of the parties involved is in fact unlawful and can be deemed an assault”. Many people interpreted that statement as the police trying to clamp down on their freedom to wine and there was a lot of comment from the public.

A friend who was listening to a radio programme while on the way to work recounted that the host said there were too many things going on in the country for the police to “be studying a small thing like that”.

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