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January 26, 2018
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January 26, 2018

Archbishop meets with clergy on priority areas

Archbishop-elect Gordon makes time to kayak for long distances.

Archbishop Jason Gordon has begun a process to identify priorities that the local Church should address in the short and medium terms.

At a recent meeting of the clergy of the archdiocese, the archbishop said the challenges, which the Church faced could not be dealt with overnight; some might even take “three to five years to be addressed properly”. As a first step, he said, he wanted to spend “the first six months” as archbishop listening to what people had to say about the critical issues.

The January 16 meeting offered Archbishop Gordon the opportunity to listen to what the clergy had to say about the challenges the archdiocese faced in the areas of (a) clergy and vocations (b) Catholic education (c) parish (d) family life and (e) leadership in Church and society.

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