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January 19, 2018
Holy site visits like living in Jesus’ time
January 19, 2018

2018: the year for love

Aaron 'Voice' St. Louis, Source: Facebook

by Dr Marlene Attz Sooping-Chow

The year for love. That’s the message that I ponder in my heart at the start of 2018 and the message I want to share with you in this week’s column.

Trinbago, for all our ills—and these days we are counting many ills—finds a collective respite during the Carnival season.  For those who have been reading this column since I started writing in 2016, it’s no secret that I truly appreciate ‘we culture’ at least the more pleasant elements of it. Through some of the aspects of Carnival we display a level of resilience, productivity and harmony. Note I said “some” aspects.

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