God, put a hand or come Yourself
January 13, 2018
Confronting the ugly…
January 13, 2018

NFP – it’s good for you…

This months column is the conclusion of an article taken from tobinstitute.org written by Lisa Price, who was accredited to teach the Billings Method in 2012 while still living in Trinidad. Lisa now resides in British Columbia, Canada with husband Dominic and their three children. Part 1 appeared in the December 10, 2017 issue.

Living Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been a profoundly spiritual experience—it points me to something higher than myself. The countless ways in which it has taught my husband and I about our faith, brought us closer to God, and strengthened our marriage would require a second blogpost.

So often the body is rejected as the lesser aspect of one’s personhood; we think: “Spirit, good. Body, bad.” Yet, man is a unity of body and soul which are both good. Without the body, there would be no person.

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