NFP – it’s good for you…
January 13, 2018
Mother Mary Ellerker remembered
January 13, 2018

Confronting the ugly…

The photos of women brutally murdered in 2017 were plastered on the front page of last weekend’s Sunday Guardian (January 7). The precedent continues into 2018, with three women already murdered for the month of January.

While in many of the cases they were the victims of domestic violence, the issue bespeaks a larger problem of individual accountability and the absence of communities looking after the most vulnerable within.

On the afternoon of December 30, we were waiting to board a public transport vehicle when a man whom we recognised from that morning entered the building. He had travelled on the same vehicle, sat directly in front of me and had reclined his seat, until his head was practically on my chest. He turned around and smirked in my face, looking as well at my sister, who was across the aisle. I moved.

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