What will 2018 bring?
January 13, 2018
Let’s work in solidarity
January 13, 2018

Call in the experts and lets learn from losing

If the leaders in the major sports of cricket (in the region as a whole) and football in Trinidad and Tobago, wish to correct the deficiencies of their players in matches played over the past two years in their respective sports, then there may well be a number of essential lessons in revisiting the preliminary functions of each sport.

Matches may have passed, but how exactly do the administrators of these popular sports intend to address the path to improvement, not only of the current national players, but more so, the age group national programmes for the ‘potentials’?

The process of sitting by and hoping that the chosen coaches will deal with the present performance levels in the way that they have done in the past, will not solve the problems, but will only endorse the mistakes of the past.

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