Reducing the inequality gap
December 9, 2017
Confessions of an NFP advocate
December 9, 2017

No escaping the issues

by Vernon Khelawan

Weeks ago, I had decided to stay far away from the various political situations in our beloved country, but with each passing week the situation seems to get worse and worse and try as I might, the conditions bring me right back to politics and our leadership.

Most of the government institutions, state-owned companies and even government ministries are showing signs of failure—the Central Bank with its control of foreign exchange; the National Insurance Board and its declaration it is running out of money; Petrotrin, Caribbean Airlines and several others operating at a loss; the Port Authority, which cannot get procurement right after six tries, now leaves it to the politicians who have no knowledge of the maritime industry. Poor Tobagonians. Is this whole thing a ruse to get the Ocean Flower II on the route? We wait to see what happens.

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