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December 7, 2017
Reflecting on the Reformation
December 7, 2017

‘Grace’ the iguana causes mayhem

Whenever something out of the ordinary happens in school, its a good opportunity for some creative writing. Encouraged by their teacher, some pupils of Carapo RC Primary reporton the day an iguana paid an unexpected visit.

One Tuesday morning, while we were saying our prayers, Mr Iguana ran up the staircase and headed towards the classrooms. All the children started screaming at the top of their voices. Some children even ran out of the building because they were very scared.

I was outside, still in my line. I made my way upstairs not quite sure of what I could do. I don’t know who caught the iguana but when I reached my class I saw a student tying the iguana with a string so it would not get away. My teacher made some holes in a box and secured the iguana.

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