Morne Diable celebrates ‘Mon D Fest’
November 23, 2017
Encourage couples to form praying families
November 23, 2017

Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (A)

For the last three weeks, or really since I returned home in August of this year, after a six-month sojourn in the US, I was inundated with other people’s business.

Dear brothers and sisters, if we listen we can hear the cry of humanity. If we look, we can see the state of humanity, across the world.

I remembered when I went to Texas last year; I had not seen my mother-in-law in almost ten years, as I was home in T&T most of the time, whilst my husband was in Iraq, for eight of those ten years. She turned to me and said, as the ambulance drove off with my father-in-law in it, “I was praying to God to send me help, and I never knew, that it would be you who God would send. I will be relying on you heavily”….and so she did! My father-in-law passed away six months later, and it was me she relied upon, although her seven children, including my husband and his family were around.

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