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November 9, 2017
New Nuncio to Antilles appointed
November 9, 2017

MPs, it’s not about power, but service

by Vernon Khelawan

When politicians come to you at election time, they come for one, single purpose – seeking your vote. At that time, they make multitudinous promises, fully aware they cannot keep them. At that time, they pledge to serve you with their all. But that is only until they are declared victorious, then you are longer needed, the promises are forgotten, and their service, well, that goes the way of all flesh.

President Anthony Carmona, in talking to parishioners of St Martin de Porres RC Church at Morne Diablo last weekend, put the whole question of service very nicely when he said there was need for service leadership rather than power leadership. But it would seem our politicians haven’t the slightest idea of how to separate the two.

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