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November 3, 2017
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November 3, 2017

A lot to learn about real customer service

Customer service is a phrase loudly touted in all businesses and in government around this country, but many times we are forced to ask: do we really know what that phrase means? I seriously doubt it. Many establishments do in fact have customer service representatives, but I am yet to see them practising real customer service.

You may ask why I chose to write about the subject. Sometime ago, my wife took me to Grand Bazaar shopping centre. I must confess I am not into shopping. We walked around for a while, then we hit upon a large new store at the southernmost point in the mall. The store is huge and has something to do with a coin. It is well-stocked and had a lot of customers for a weekday.

We entered the store. There was a young woman at the door, which she did not open but occasionally she greeted the customers and handed out sales literature. She was wearing a uniform with the sign ‘Customer Service’. Realising Joan would be spending some time in the store, I wanted to sit. I saw an empty stool, approached a security guard and asked whether I could use it. He did not know and referred me to the same woman at the entrance.

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