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November 3, 2017
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Living through Irma

Delcina Yearwood

For the people who experienced the force of Hurricane Irma first-hand, it is an experience they will never forget. Writer LARA PICKFORD-GORDON spoke to two Barbudans at the National Technical Training Centre, Nugent Avenue, St John’s, Antigua on October 6 about the fateful day and how they are coping. 

Fifty-three year-old Devon Christian says Hurricane Irma was “the monster” which sucked out his home in Codrington, the main town, and swept away everything. Irma, approximately 600 miles wide, with winds of more than 185 miles/hr, gusts 200 mph caused more than 100 deaths in the Caribbean and Florida.

For 30 years, Christian had a steady job as barman at the Coco Point Lodge, Barbuda. He lived in Codrington with his girlfriend, four-year-old daughter, two sons ages six and seven, and a stepson. On September 6 Irma changed everything.

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