An ‘LWC archbishop’? Not so…
November 3, 2017
Learn, love and give
November 3, 2017

31st Sunday OT (A)

Leaders must be servants

We live in such a time in this world that when we look around, we have to ask ourselves the question, ‘whom do I follow?’;‘whom do I believe?’;‘to whom do I give honour?’;‘whom do I emulate?’ Our leadership has influenced the behaviour and attitude of our people in almost every sector of the society: a lack of civility and brotherly love.

Some have given  themselves their own honour, call themselves leaders, give themselves titles and awards, and in some cases, create for themselves a following, of the less learned, less exposed, less astute and the less fortunate. They have become unfortunate role models for the weak and the fearful, leading them astray and thwarting the work of God.

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