Robinsons celebrate golden wedding anniversary
October 21, 2017
First Peoples and the Catholic Church
October 21, 2017

29th Sunday OT (A)

All authority is God’s

And so, for Jesus’ detractors, the name of the game continues to be entrapment! As a Trini would say with a pronounced ‘steups’, “Dem eh ha nutten better to do dan to try to trap Him aagaaain!” And one could virtually see the Trini’s face contort in disgust.

Yes, the Pharisees are at it again, and this time they have enlisted the aid of the Herodians to do their dirty work with them. Each party had its own ulterior motive for trying to entrap Jesus – for the Pharisees, Jesus would’ve been discredited with the Jews if He had told them to pay taxes; the Herodians on the other hand, would brand Him as a traitor to Rome if He did not support taxation.

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