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October 13, 2017
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October 13, 2017

Of Inheritance and Legacy

It is interesting that the public holidays celebrating the First Peoples of Trinidad and the Hindu festival of Divali should be observed within a few days of each other. They both speak of inheritance and legacy, passed down through generations to enlighten a people and to enrich a land which belongs exclusively to neither group yet which embraces all, including those who may not be able to legitimately claim to have First Peoples’ blood in their veins or who may never have followed the Hindu tradition.

Equally fascinating is the relevance of both last week’s Gospel reading (Mt 21:33–43) and of this week’s (Mt 22:1–14) to the lessons which we can learn from even a brief analysis of the reasons for the celebrations which are national in scope and universal in implication.

Our First Peoples’ love and care for the environment upon which they depended for their existence has allowed us, centuries after they were first made known to the outer ‘First’ world, to inherit a land rich in natural resources.

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