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October 5, 2017
Time for better service to seniors
October 5, 2017

The Budget – ‘Cutting cloth’ season

Dr Marlene Attzs Sooping-Chow, Economist and ‘My Point of View’ columnist, shares her initial thoughts on the National Budget.

It was Monday, October 2 and the stage was set. The Parliament Chamber was pensive and the tone sombre – except for the sporadic, unwelcomed banter on both sides of the Chamber. Budget 2018 is serious business. No big surprises given the state of the economy – less revenue expected from the traditional sources and expenditure still higher. The bottom line: another deficit budget.

The initial reactions from the public have been predictable, from indignation: “How he could increase gas again?”, “Is only poor people suffering”; to resignation and acceptance of the economic space within which we find ourselves: “Well, we don’t have the money so…”. 

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