Diego Martin donates to visually impaired
October 5, 2017
Excellence in Education – CEBM’s goals to 2020
October 5, 2017

27th Sunday OT (A)


A story of rejection and betrayal

As Jesus journeys resolutely on with His disciples towards His betrayal right there in Jerusalem, there seems to be a sense of urgency as He tries to prepare His disciples for His impending demise. This leg of the journey follows a time of His earlier triumphal entry; He had been accepted, palm branches had been spread before His way, people had been ecstatic at His arrival, but this seems to have changed now and the movement, as always, was being led by the religious leaders, who continually tried to upstage Him by questioning His authority.

Jesus answers them in parables. His parables, told in the language of the day, were meant to teach the people of the day, and now us today, deep truths or lessons we could understand, we could identify with, and we could transfer to situations in our own lives.

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