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September 29, 2017
SVP President calls for more efficient service
September 29, 2017

And out of chaos…

“We have lost everything that money can buy…” So we may ask what have we left, not only after the ravages of the ongoing natural disasters, but the lasting results of our throwing away the customs of civility and care for the neighbour that used to facilitate our living together.

The attempts to make sense of what we have woken up to have largely focused on a reframing of God as a vengeful corrector of wrongs – almost exclusively construed as sexual transgressions – who is punishing the transgressors by water and wind. The obvious creation images of the Spirit hovering over the primeval chaos and drawing forth form and order are overlooked and only chaos is noted.

Another line of explanation is an appeal to the “end times” imagery of the scriptures. Wars, earthquakes and other upheavals indicate that the end is nigh, even though the text of Matthew 24 is explicit … “this is something that must happen, but the end will not be yet”.

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