41 years of Republicanism – do we care?
September 22, 2017
Madonna to all ~ peace, reconciliation, fellowship & faith
September 22, 2017

25th Sunday OT (A)

Love inspires generosity

Many of us may have heard a phrase and been captivated by it even though we didn’t fully understand what it meant. Indeed, in our recent past, it was quite common to hear local sayings attributed to the “old people” such as, “What eh meet yuh eh pass yuh” and “All skin teeth eh laugh”. These local proverbs are attention grabbing and easy to remember, that’s true! However, it is also true that we seldom appreciate the full meaning of what the old people wished to convey, until the experience of life rendered such sayings relevant.

That has been my experience since 2013 when I heard the phrase, “It is easier to believe in Jesus than to believe Jesus”. Much like our “old folks” sayings this dynamic phrase stayed with me. It has also provoked continuous reflection which has caused me to better appreciate its meaning: partly due to my lived experiences and otherwise, through my reflection on the experiences of others.

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