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September 14, 2017
VIRTUS looks at culture of child protection
September 14, 2017

Where’s the development?

by Vernon Khelawan

Ten years ago, our government halted the operations of the more than 60-year-old airline British West Indian Airways (BWIA) because it was a losing entity. They paid off all the airline owed and replaced it with a debt-free Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL). The ‘new’ airline, using the same call signs and the same flight numbers as BWIA, cut several routes, started with less employees and reduced its jet fleet, but it still continues to lose millions.

In 1962, the year we attained independence, the government ventured into the television and radio industry with the National Broadcasting Service (NBS) and Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT). After more than four decades of operation and rich in local content, but very little corporate support, a decision was made to close it down because it was a drain on the country’s treasury.

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