A call to active duty
August 24, 2017
Leaders – born not made
August 24, 2017

Aspiring to a higher morality

Violent crime is riddling our country. Not to mention white-collar crime too, of which the Financial Investigation Unit (FIU) has just begun to scratch the surface. The scope of violent crime is so widespread that one feels one must have a police officer at every corner to avoid the many shootings and killings. Tourist alerts in different countries are advising citizens of the danger of vacationing in Trinidad, and now Tobago.

Can violent crime be eradicated? The answer is no. That pernicious evil in us – the inheritance of original sin – can only be brought under control, minimised but never fully eradicated. Violent and white-collar crime will, therefore, always be with us. But are we doing enough to minimise them? Clearly not.

This is because nobody wants to touch the proverbial ‘big fish’. We refuse to believe the problem is a low detection rate. Our police have undergone training in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, etc. We refuse to accept our police officers do not know how to detect and solve crime. Why then this state of inertia? One inescapable reason is that powers higher than the police are preventing them from doing their job to the full extent.

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