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August 16, 2017
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August 18, 2017

Should football return to amateur status?

Brent Sancho of Central FC. Source:

The extent of the problems that currently exist in local football may well have been the reason why TT Pro League club owners had to openly reject the idea of returning to amateur status even before it was suggested by anyone.

It is probably the appropriate time for clubs to open their eyes to recognise the numerous problems – financially and administratively – and the leagues’ disorder right across the board.

There are many persons in life whose effort to engage in the business of change for the better is often aborted in fear that the future may be worse. In the case of football, this is not the case. The country has sufficient evidence that change is inevitable simply because all of the EFA (Eastern Football Association), the newly reconstructed Super League, and the Pro League, are in the midst of some form of confusion.

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