An idea for Jimmy

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August 8, 2017
August 12, 2017

An idea for Jimmy

Jimmy Adams is the new Director of Cricket (DC) for Cricket West Indies (CWI).  He was appointed in January 2017 so he can be termed relatively new! Adams’ credentials make him most suitable for the position as he is a former Test player and captain, and has been a successful coach of Kent County Cricket Club. He also coached and played provincial cricket in South Africa, and travelled the world while playing for the West Indies. Adams is a gentleman of all-round capabilities.

It is so important to have someone like this as the DC because players and officials will have a certain respect for Adams with his background, unlike the unfortunate choice of his predecessor Richard Pybus who had nothing going for him.

Jimmy has already started making waves by ensuring a few positive changes are made to our selection policies, albeit temporary according to the Board of CWI.  Cricketers no longer have to play in domestic competitions of CWI to be eligible for selection.

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