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Serious message in a cartoon

May 10, 2017
To Educate, Evangelise and Share the Gospel
May 10, 2017
Nun by profession, journalist by occupation
May 10, 2017
My son loves to look at cartoons. I guess it’s his way of coping with the reality of ‘real’ people and the issues that surround us, so he retreats into the world of cartoons where people are knocked down and get back up, animals talk and act like humans, and except when Jerry gets the better of Tom, there is always a happy ending.

He was laughing so heartily while looking at the television recently that I decided to join him and laugh too! The show being aired was ‘Rocky and Bullwinkle’, a cartoon about the adventures of Rocky the squirrel and Bullwinkle the moose who resided in a town called Frostbite Falls.

The narrator in the cartoon said that in Frostbite Falls there were more TV sets than people, and the aerial view of the town showed a maze of television antennae, some houses having more than one.

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