Let the children play…

May 10, 2017
Bishop Darius’ funeral date announced
May 10, 2017
To Educate, Evangelise and Share the Gospel
May 10, 2017
Forgive me, but I cannot see the logic of cutting primary schoolchildren’s lunch hour in half, and cannot believe that such a move will somehow temper the violence that is now so evident in many of the nation’s schools.

The school principal who recently recommended this action, which has sparked a huge debate in the country, is amazingly silent these days. But he has spawned a huge national debate.

And for the love of me, I cannot get it out of my head that here is a principal rooting for a shorter school day. I cannot see the benefits of shortening the children’s lunch hour – a time of relaxation, socialising and play – because from time immemorial this period of free time means so much to the teachers and the development of the child.

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