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4th Sunday of Easter (A)

May 10, 2017
In honour of the ‘Holy Shepherdess’
May 10, 2017
Purpose In Challenging Times
May 11, 2017
My six-year-old, who loves animal stories, snuggled in the crook of my arms, impatient for our Bible reading ritual. I began Jonah and the Whale,

Jonah was one of God’s faithful servants. He prayed to God and followed all of God’s commandments. One day, God chose Jonah for a special task. God wanted Jonah to journey to the city of Nineveh. “The people in Nineveh have forgotten me,” God said, “Go to that city, Jonah, and bring my Word to the people.

Maliah sat up. She discarded my embrace. With her palm upheld, she halted the narrative.

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